About Us

After the sudden and unexpected loss of a family member, I changed my perspective on the world. Instead of always thinking about the future, I decided I need to make the most of the present and fulfil my dream of travelling to North America. The only catch was, I had chosen to bring Mya a White Shepherd into my family. I’d chosen to make her my responsibility and I felt like I couldn’t leave her behind. I ensured that I didn’t and in November 2017, we flew from Australia to Canada. Over the next two years we travelled almost 80,000 km throughout North America. We travelled across Canada, visited almost 40 of the USA’s states and even made it to Mexico for a day. Now we are back in Australia and looking towards the next big adventure. What started off as our little adventure on social media, has now grown into something much bigger. With an online community of almost 50k people following along for the ride, we now share pet friendly travel tips and do our best to show others that you can have a dog and a life of adventure and travel too.

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera and Furbo Dog Nanny

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera and Furbo Dog Nanny, has become a major part of our dog gear. With real-time monitoring and an AI-powered Dog Nanny, it keeps us aware of what is happening with Mya when we aren’t able to be with her. It’s interactive features let us dispense treats and communicate with Mya when we’re away. Whether in a hotel, AirBnB, our caravan, or even at home when Mya was recovering from surgery or we are out for work, Furbo ensures we are appraised of Mya’s wellbeing. The AI-powered Dog Nanny provides barking, activity, and emergency alerts, making it a personalized dog sitter system. For peace of mind, we recommend the Subscribe & Save yearly plan.

Furbo 360 Camera

Our Fundraiser

How our fundraiser works

I don’t believe in asking people for something in return for nothing and I know our calendar and cards may not be as fancy as some that are out there. I think the community we have supporting us is fantastic and I want to trust everyone, so like last year I’m going to leave it up to you to decide what you donate. You may donate as much or as little as you feel you can, but as a guide, I would hope that people would make a similar donation of about the following:

  • Calendar $10
  • Cards $3 (each)

The download and donation links are at the bottom of this page.

Where the funds will go:

Since returning to Australia this year we have done our best to promote responsible pet ownership, and to support some of the hard working rescue groups doing their best to ensure that our fur friends have a home to be a part of. We would like to again raise money to support them. We have also found it far more challenging to travel and include your furry family members. Although things are changing, much of this is because of outdated policies and legislation that in most part has been reviewed in over ten years. Since returning we have been trying to raise awareness to some of these issues, and through meetings with government and business members, and community petitions have been pushing these issues to be reviewed. We would like to raise money to be able to campaign for No Paw Gets Lefts Behind and promote some of these petitions so that they have a greater reach. We also want to continue our adventures, creating new photos and videos to share with you along with more pet friendly travel tips. In March 2020 we are hoping to head off on a trip across Australia. With almost 50k people following us, you would think we would have a huge opportunity to make a difference and I hope we do. In reality, though, I know that only 20% of the people following us will see our post and then probably only 10% of those will care enough to interact with it. Out of those people I’m going to assume that only 1 out of every 3 will want to donate. If that’s the case we may be lucky enough to get about 300 donations. We do have to pay some small transaction fees with Go Fund me but my intention is to split any funds three ways:

  1. No Paw Gets Left Behind Campaign
  2. RSPCA and Other Rescue Groups (Our friends at the RSPCA do some very important work and we would love to raise $1000 for them, if we manage to raise more than we will aim to spread the love to some of the other worthwhile rescue groups we have come across over the past year)
  3. Our Australian road trip (To keep creating our content we are in need of some new camera equipment)

Downloads and donations:

You may donate as much or as little as you feel you can, but as a guide, I would hope that people would make a similar donation to what is listed next to the download button below.

You can make your donation at:

I want to thank everyone for their support now and over the past 2 years, I really hope we have been able to pass on some valuable information and inspire you to go on your own adventures. I hope together we can make a big difference to others.