Sun Valley and Ketchum beckon as an idyllic destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of outdoor adventures and the companionship of their four-legged friends. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this charming region invites dog lovers to explore its extensive trails, embrace the diverse terrain, and revel in the warm hospitality of a community that cherishes both human and canine residents alike. Whether you’re drawn to the powdery slopes of Sun Valley Ski Resort, the picturesque landscapes along Wood River Trail, or the welcoming ambiance of dog-friendly establishments in Ketchum, the allure of this mountainous haven lies in the shared experiences between you and your faithful companion.

Getting There

Traveling to Sun Valley, Idaho, offers various options to suit your preferences. If you’re flying, the Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) is the closest airport, located just a short drive from Sun Valley. Multiple airlines operate seasonal and year-round flights to and from this airport, providing convenient access.

Additionally, driving to Sun Valley is a picturesque journey, especially if you’re coming from nearby states like Montana or exploring the stunning landscapes along the way. The well-maintained roadways make road trips enjoyable, with scenic views unfolding as you approach the destination.


Featured Pet Friendly Accommodation:

Limelight Hotel Ketchum

The Limelight hotel, is located in Ketchum right at the base of Sun Valley. We were warmly welcomed by the staff at the Limelight hotel and Mya even received a new travel bowl, as part of her doggy welcome pack. The pet friendly room we stayed in had a full kitchen (great for cooking meals and saving money), lounge, ensuite and balcony.  The rest of the hotel had a fitness centre, heated pool, two hot tubs and a restaurant. Guests staying there also get complimentary snowshoe and fat bike rental.

The staff at the Limelight Hotel made every effort to ensure we had an enjoyable stay and provided us with lots of dog friendly activity suggestions for Mya and I. We would highly recommend them as a fantastic pet-friendly accommodation option.

Dog Friendly Activities

Some dog friendly activities that you can enjoy whilst visiting Sun Valley are:

1. Blaine County Recreational District Trails: Explore the dog-friendly trails in the Blaine County Recreational District. From scenic walks to more adventurous hikes, these trails offer a variety of experiences for you and your furry companion.

2. Galena Lodge: Head to Galena Lodge for a day of outdoor fun with your dog. Whether it’s hiking / Nordic skiing the trails, or enjoying a break on the dog-friendly deck, this spot provides a picturesque setting for you and your pet.

3. Nordic Skiing: If visiting during the winter, try Nordic skiing with your dog on the designated trails. Sun Valley’s winter wonderland offers a unique experience for both you and your canine friend.

4. Snowshoeing: Enjoy the snowy landscapes of Sun Valley while snowshoeing with your dog. Many trails cater to this winter activity, providing a great workout and beautiful scenery.

5. Fat Biking: Take advantage of Sun Valley’s pet-friendly atmosphere by trying fat biking with your dog. Explore trails together, and make sure to check out dog-friendly routes like the 7km Durrance Loop.

6. Sun Valley Ski Resort: During the winter months, bring your dog to Sun Valley Ski Resort. While skiing may be a solo activity, the resort’s surroundings provide a great environment for walks and playtime with your furry friend.

7. Wood River Trail: Enjoy a walk along the Wood River Trail, a paved path that runs from Ketchum to Bellevue and out to Sun Valley. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll with your dog, providing beautiful views along the way.

8. Hulen Pond: Let your dog cool off with a swim in Hulen Pond, located just north of Sun Valley. It’s a refreshing spot with a trail and a public parking area, offering a great opportunity for both exercise and relaxation.

9. Redfish and Alturas Lakes: Plan a day trip to Redfish and Alturas Lakes, about an hour’s drive north over Galena Pass. These crystal-clear lakes have designated “dog beaches,” providing a fantastic location for your pup to swim and play.

10. Big Wood River: Explore spots along the Big Wood River, which winds its way through the valley. Numerous areas just off the bike path offer great swimming holes for both people and dogs.

Other Attractions

Sun Valley offers an unpretentious and delightful experience for riders of all levels. My personal highlight was exploring the ski terrain, relishing the freedom to ski down to the base and taking in panoramic views of Sun Valley and Ketchum. With 2,054 skiable acres, Sun Valley caters to families, providing ample groomed runs for on-piste skiing enthusiasts—36% for beginners, 42% for intermediates, and 22% for advanced skiers. These facts underscore the resort’s commitment to providing diverse options, making it a genuine winter retreat for those who appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of snowy adventures.

Dog Friendly Dining

In Sun Valley, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere for both you and your furry companion at several dog-friendly dining spots. One such place is The Lounge at Limelight Hotel, where you can enjoy a relaxed meal with your dog on the outdoor patio. This pet-friendly establishment not only caters to your taste buds but also ensures your canine friend feels right at home. Additionally, exploring the town of Ketchum may lead you to discover more local eateries that extend their hospitality to dogs. Sun Valley’s warm and inviting community, coupled with its appreciation for outdoor adventures, often means that many dining establishments are open to accommodating you and your four-legged friend.

Mark & Mya's adventures

Doggy Daycare / Pet Sitting:

Whilst Mya did not require any doggy daycare during our time in Sun Valley, we are told that the Sun Valley Animal Centre offers pet boarding for dogs who are fully vaccinated.

Mark & Mya's Adventures