Calgary is a City located in the Canadian province of Alberta. Calgary has its own International airport so getting here is easy. It is located approximately 80km (50 miles) east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It has a number of art and culture, sport and recreation and city attractions including the Calgary Tower. It is also home to the annual Calgary Stampede, a rodeo and entertainment event that takes place around the second week of July each year. Travelling with a dog in the city can be challenging but with about 20,000 acres of parkland within Calgary there is no shortage of petfriendly activities to enjoy. There are many off-leash dog parks in the area, just be sure to check opening and closing times.


In Calgary, Mya and I stayed at the Sandman Hotel and Suites South Calgary. It was Mya’s first time at a Sandman Hotel and I believe she was fairly impressed. The hotel allows pets of any size and only charges a $10 per night pet cleaning fee. A pretty good policy compared to many other hotels.

Our room had everything we could need. It was pretty much a fully self-contained one bedroom apartment, with laundry facilities, a full kitchen, lounge and bedroom with the most comfortable bed we’ve been in for a while.

Other facilities included a fitness centre, pool and two restaurants which Mya wasn’t allowed in, but it didn’t phase us. The location was perfect with a pet store, supermarket, retail centre and hwy access right across the road. Whilst the hotel itself gets the thumbs up from us, it’s the fantastic staff we encountered during our stay that makes us want to recommend it.

Activities and Attractions

Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary

I was fortunate enough to visit Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary and meet these special wolf dogs. It was a really incredible experience and I got to learn more about wolves and wolf dogs. Since being in North America, I’ve been really disappointed, meeting quite a few wolf dogs and hearing their stories. Unfortunately, with the exception of one, all of them have had multiple homes and people don’t realise when they choose to buy them, that they are still very much wild animals who can be very timid of humans, have little desire to please, can be very destructive and have a strong natural prey drive.

If you didn’t know, Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary is a non-profit sanctuary, that rescues these incredible animals and gives them a place to live. They aim to educate people about wolves and wolf dogs so that people have a better understanding of these amazing creatures. I couldn’t help but feel very empathetic towards Nova, who you can see in our photos, has a very similar appearance to Mya, but is also still very clearly a wolf.

If your in Calgary or visiting the area I highly recommend visiting the sanctuary and learning about these amazing animals. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t permitted, with good cause, so you will have to find some temporary care for your furry friends.

Win Sports Canada

Have you seen Disney’s Cool Runnings? If you have, you’ll understand how thrilled we were last week in Calgary, when Mya and I got to meet two members of the Australian Olympic Team, who were at Win Sports Canada training to compete at the next Winter Olympics for the Australian Bobsleigh Team. We got to have a chat with them after their training session, Mya had some fun getting cuddles and even got a quick education on how a bobsleigh works.

We continued with a walk around Win Sport (Mya was allowed in all the open areas) and checked out the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, which is pretty much a museum dedicated to Canadian sporting achievements. Currently, dogs aren’t allowed inside, but this policy is under review, so maybe ask if you visit Calgary and would like to visit.

Fort Calgary

We also checked out Fort Calgary, which isn’t actually the original fort, but one that has been reconstructed to try and preserve the history of Calgary. The museum itself isn’t dog-friendly however, the surrounding parklands are.

Fiasco Gelato

Finally, we checked out Fiasco Gelato which makes a great lemon sorbet in my opinion. They used to be dog-friendly and the owner is a huge dog lover, however with current health regulations dogs have to wait outside. They have a selection of dairy-free sorbets that your pup can try if they like.

Calgary Tower

Although the Calgary Tower only allows service animals, they had heard Mya had made the trip all the way from Australia to Calgary and wanted to ensure that she could experience one of Calgary’s premier tourist attractions. They were kind enough to give us a special once-off private tour of the tower before they opened and Mya and I got to see the last of the sunrise over the city. It was a really beautiful sight and I highly recommend you check out a sunset behind the Canadian Rockies from the tower.

If you’re brave like Mya and I you can also step out onto the glass floor and get a birds eye view of the streetscape below. I wasn’t sure if Mya would be up for it or not, but after she saw me walk out onto it she didn’t hesitate and was curious about the floor. We had a great time visiting the tower and if you make your way to Calgary I highly recommend it.

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