A good friend hears about your adventures. A best friend goes on them with you!

- Unknown

The Best Travel Companion

What’s more amazing than travelling the world with your best friend? Travelling the world with your best friend, who also happens to be your dog

Follow this dynamic duo’s journey across the globe, and read up on their top products, travel tips and guides to travelling with your furry friend.

About Mark & Mya

In 2017 Mark and Mya flew from Australia to Canada.

They drove almost 80,000 km on an adventure throughout North America.

They have travelled across Canada, explored almost 40 states throughout the USA and even made it to Mexico for a day.

Now they are back home and about to embark on a road trip around Australia.

They share pet-friendly travel tips and show people you can have a dog and a life of adventure and travel too.

Together they have been skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, snowshoeing, fat and mountain biking, paddling, white water rafting and hiking.

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